What We Do

L.A. Riverside is one of the premier insurance brokerages serving the taxi and livery industry in New York.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a first class service to our clients by combining industry-leading technology with an unparalleled personal touch. The result is an efficient and responsive service that can be consistently relied on to provide the expertise that you need when it matters most.

Our Values

For over 25 years, L.A. Riverside has been guided by its founding principles: provide a first class service with the utmost professionalism and integrity. Our values have allowed us to become one of the most trusted representatives brokering taxi and livery insurance in New York.

Our Carriers

We are one of the only insurance brokers that represents all of the major carriers insuring the New York taxi and livery industry. Through our long-standing relationships, we are among the best in providing the most competitive pricing for our clients.

Our Market

Whether fleet owners or owner operators, we commit people and ideas to help our clients find affordable, comprehensive insurance coverage, while guiding them through the complex rules enforced by the Taxi & Limousine Commission (“TLC”) and other industry regulators.

L.A. Riverside Brokerage New York

Vehicles affiliated with a High-Volume For-Hire Service that connects passengers to for-hire vehicles by prearrangement using a passenger-facing booking tool that facilitates the dispatching of ten-thousand (10,000) or more trips per day (i.e. Uber or Lyft).

L.A. Riverside Brokerage New York

For-Hire Vehicles that are owned by a franchisee of a Black Car Base, or members of a cooperative affiliated with a Black Car Base, which are dispatched on a pre-arranged basis, and where less than 10% of the business involves a passenger exchanging a cash payment.

L.A. Riverside Brokerage New York

For-Hire Vehicles designed to carry fewer than 6 Passengers that are affiliated with a Livery Base Station which dispatches vehicles on a pre-arranged basis. Passengers are charged for services on the basis of a flat rate, time, mileage, or zones.

L.A. Riverside Brokerage New York

Green cabs or Street-Hail Liveries (SHLs) are For-Hire Vehicles that are permitted to accept street-hails. In exchange, Street-Hail Liveries may not operate in the Hail Exclusionary Zone, south of West 110th St and East 96th St.

L.A. Riverside Brokerage New York

Yellow taxicabs have the right to pick up street-hailing passengers anywhere in New York City. Taxis can also be dispatched by TLC-licensed E-Hail companies.

L.A. Riverside Brokerage New York

For-Hire Vehicles dispatched from a Base by pre-arrangement with a seating capacity of 20 or fewer passengers, and where less than 10% of the business involves a passenger exchanging a cash.

L.A. Riverside Brokerage New York

Commuter vans are vehicles that transport between 9 and 20 passengers in preapproved zones for a flat rate. Commuter vans are operated by Commuter Van Authorities.

L.A. Riverside Brokerage New York

Paratransit vehicles provide non-emergency transportation for passengers with disabilities. Paratransit vehicles are dispatched by paratransit bases.