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10 Things to Know Before We Process Your Payment


1. Please call your L.A. Riverside Representative to confirm your payment amount (888) 418-6080.


2. Any payment made toward a new policy of insurance does not guarantee the issuance of a policy. All new applications for new insurance are subject to insurance company review and acceptance of your application.


3. Payment on a canceled policy may not result in the reinstatement of the policy.


4. Payment received toward policies pending cancellation must be received prior to the cancellation date and must be for the full amount due in order to receive any consideration for reinstatement.


5. Payment not received by the due date will be considered late and subject to the terms on any notices sent, which may include cancellation of the policy.


6. The monthly due dates for payments to the following carriers are:


• 15% Deposit – 20th of every month

• 20% - 25% Deposit – 30th of every month

American Transit

•  2 Payment Deposit – 20th of every month

•  25% Deposit – 30th of every month


•  15%, 20%, 25% Deposit – 30th of every month

•  20% - 25% Deposit – 30th of every month


•  20% - 25% Deposit – 22nd of every month

•  Full Cover Policy – 8th of every month


7. Payments made by Credit or Debit Card will require 3 full business days to be processed.


8. Payments made by eCheck will require 5 full business days to be processed.


9. Payment dishonored by your financial institution for any reason will be deemed not to have been received by L.A. Riverside Brokerage.


10. If you are concerned your payment will not be processed before the designated due date, please notify your L.A. Riverside Representative at (888) 418-6080.




...because you deserve more.

What we do

We represent all of the major insurance carriers underwriting our market, and therefore can leverage our long standing relationships to provide the most competitive pricing for our clients.


We continue to be guided by our founding principles: to always provide a service with the utmost professionalism, integrity, and respect for our clients.

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